Vaidekam Ayurveda Healing Village Resort is a green, eco-friendly, authentic ayurvedic healing space that has been lovingly created by a group of passionate individuals desiring a holistic hearing space in the best tradition of Ayurveda. The entity is fueled by accomplished entrepreneurs, conscious citizens, and highly regarded Ayurvedic practitioners who passionately advocate natural healing through authentic Ayurveda for all. The vision is to create an authentic Ayurveda healing village in the Malabar region of Kerala, where Ayurveda meets new-age medical facilities and provides traditional treatments in their purest form.

It is a space that provides:

1.Natural and open spaces in abundance.
2.Comfort and convenience of contemporary living without compromising the core principles of healing.
3.Care for the differently abled.
4.Adheres to the principles of living in tune with nature and Ayurveda.
5.Sustainable energy management, waste management and water management.
6.An optimum healing environment.
1.Personalized extended sessions with your vaidyas.
2.The entire range of over 50 ayurvedic treatments, including Panchakarma, Shirodhara, Pizichal, etc…